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social inequality.
We’re a fresh take on the consulting and advisory firm, with completely original ideas and perspectives. Are you ready to be supercharged?

Mani Singh Consulting brings together industry experts from finance, technology, advertising, politics, academia and non-profits. Our team has lived experiences of the challenges and opportunities available on our constantly evolving planet. Finding solutions that embody our principles of community, volunteerism, and uniqueness.


After a successful career in finance, Mani Singh returned to economics practice, volunteering with public organisations globally to deliver transformational projects.

Recognising the need for a radical and accessible consulting firm, the work was spun off, and the business formally established in 2019. It now counts global financial institutions, NGOs, start-ups, non-profits, and governments as repeat clients.

You’ll find Mani hard at work at the intersection of some of our most complex challenges, and excitement to transform our planet and society for the better.
Hamish takes his position as co-founder very seriously. He has been our resident wellbeing guru since the beginning. With his calming deep purr, he knows how to handle the toughest of meetings.

He brings with him an extensive background in fish and seafood management, comfort, meditation, and finding your inner zen.


Our corporate consulting and advisory team has decades of experience supporting executives across geographies, sectors, challenges, and opportunities in anticipation of the new economy. We provide strategic guidance, proactive response to economic trends, and rigorous solutions built on data and academic theory.
We’ve been in your shoes and know what it’s like to be a founder. The start-ups team meticulously crafts sound commercial strategy and brand identity for your business. We work with early and late stage start-ups with disruptions and innovations to transform systems and society. Building supportive ecosystems that provide you with the best foundations to grow and achieve your commercial potential. We have the know-how and network to create modern blended finance structures through traditional and alternative finance that understands the value of your impact, sparking the relationships with perfectly suited investors, or our own capital.
Whether it’s commercialising policy innovations or aiding in the negotiation of economic resources, our team has deep expertise across the public sector and end user services delivery. The sector is fundamentally changing, lines are being blurred as more efficient systems are created. We advise across strategy, policy, innovation and stakeholder delivery and engagement, with a strong emphasis on measurable impact.





We believe in the importance of community. The challenges we face must find solutions that embody the world we live in. All stakeholders must be engaged. This is why we build supportive coalitions and ecosystems in all of our work, we are believers in the power of people to overcome and build a brighter, better, sustainable and equitable future. Solutions will not be created alone, but take the entirety of our global village to deliver on the moment.


You’re unique, so are we. It doesn’t make sense that we try to fit you into some existing model, or view you through a specific framework that has done nothing to better our global systems.

The world is evolving, and businesses understand their responsibilities better than ever before, increasingly blurring the lines between impact and profitability. We want your extraordinary business to be at the centre of your ecosystem, we’re here to create that dynamic, transformational journey. Documenting it at all stages, results obsessed, scrupulously measuring any and all impact as we venture forwards together.


Volunteering is fundamental to creating rapid visible impact. It invites compassion that we sometimes lose when consistently faced with a macro perspective. By understanding the experience of the most socioeconomically deprived or environmentally challenged, we become better colleagues, advisors, clients and citizens. Learning about the how and why of experiences shaping each other’s approach to purpose, builds a more holistic view of the world. We proactively encourage our team, and our clients to volunteer for causes they are passionate about. Then we want them to pitch for our pro bono days so we can all get involved!